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What Should I Name My Boat?

Hello my name is nametag with boat icon to show how hard it is to pick a boat name

Picking a name for you boat can be difficult to say the least.  Now for some, it's a 'piece of cake'.  They know right away what she will be called.  Had the boat name picked out for years.  But for others, they've said it's harder than picking out their firstborn child's name.

What to do?  How can you find a name you love.... or at least can live with?  Well maybe we can help - a little.  Because this is such a personal decision, helping has been described as similar to picking out a man's girlfriend.  Who is beautiful and perfect to one, looks like an old hag to another.  Very similar with boat names.  So, any help we offer with picking your boat name, will be just 'a little'.

A few boat naming points to consider:

Not to long, not to short
You don't want the boat name to be so long your out of breath by the time your done.  Especially if you have to hale your boat's name over and over again on the radio during an emergency, you don't want the name to long.  The same goes for short names.  The boat's name need to be longer and more distinguished than a grunt.

Not to Proud
"Always Winds" for a racing boat is a bit boastful.  But of course, if it is true, and your are really proud, go for it!   On the other hand naming your racing boat "Snail" may be cute.  Nothing like a little irony to make the girls smile.

"Aquaholic" is the most popular boat name.  Is it for you?  Or is the name just a bit worn out?  How many in your area have the boat name you have in mind?  Even if your boat is not unique, why not have a boat name that is more unique than "Aquaholic".

"What was that Again"
Is the boat name hard to pronounce?  Or is it a play on words that could be written another way?  Will it just cause confusion and have to be explained over and over again?  It's kind of like that saying about jokes, "If you have to explain it, it wasn't funny".  The same is true of boat names.  Do you really want to spend more time explaining than boating?

Of course the ever popular idea for a boat name is either your wife's name or your child's name.  So, you might want to ask them about which boat name they'd like.  What woman wouldn't want a boat named after them?  But then again, this can open a can of worms.  If you don't want the boat named after someone in your family, maybe you shouldn't ask their input... till after the deed is done.  Really though, most feel they have to ask their family before the decision is made.  Especially if they are having trouble with nailing it down.  And this is, in the end, the best idea. 

What name will you like?  What name fits your personality and your boat's personality?  If you still can't come up with the perfect boat name, show your friends and family your 'short list'.  No doubt they'll give you an opinion on the perfect boat name.

Don't forget, after the name is picked the 'hard' decisions are not done yet.  You still have to select just the right color, letterstyle, size, and design.  Now, this we can help with.  Just type in the name you've selected and start designing right now!