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Do you have a new boat... with an old name? Are you superstitious?

If this is "where you're at":  You just found your dream boat (got a good deal on it) but when you walked around to the stern, it had a horrible boat name plastered on the transom.  Ughh!  Now, you have the perfect name in mind, but you've heard that it's 'bad luck' to change a boat's name.

Worried about bad luck renaming your boat? What to do?  Are you superstitious?  Well it seems sailors (boaters) especially are.  The sea is so unforgiving and it's good to be very careful and very prepared, and, so it seems, superstitions arise.   A dutiful sailor will do all he can before 'hitting the water' to make sure he and his boat are ready.  And since the old sailors tale is... it's bad luck to change the name of the boat without a ceremony, the reasoning becomes: "better safe than sorry".  So, should you be superstitious about changing the name of your boat?  We hesitate to answer because this is a personal decision.  But since we are in the business of naming boats and also because so many folks encourage outlandish boat naming ceremonies, we thought we'd better weigh-in on what is becoming a common question.  So again, the question, should you be superstitious about changing the name of your boat?

Our first thought is: NO, why should you be.  If you're a Christian and believe the 'Good Book', than those old gods and goddesses of the sea the superstitions are based on, are nothing to be worried about... in the long run (gulp), so why be superstitious about them.  But, again,  the sea is a very unforgiving place.  Would it hurt to have a simple ceremony just to make sure... or just for a little extra help when out on the water?  Well, come that first big storm, and the wind and water are blowing and the anxiety rises, you might wish you had done something earlier.  So, what about a simple ceremony for changing the boat's name?  Should a denaming and naming ceremony be part of your being prepared for taking your new boat out into the water?

Re-naming Ceremony

Well, we've done extensive research on these boat re-naming ceremonies.  And they all involve these steps: an invocation, an expression of gratitude, a supplication, before the official re-dedication (or name change) and then finally some kind of  libation.  What could be wrong with this?  Much!  These made-up ceremonies are steeped in pagan worship to false gods such as Neptune, Aeolus, Eos, Tuhengri, Yanna, and Koma .  And if you read the 'Good Book', you know it pegs these false gods as really demons (fallen angels, former sons of God), who want the worship of us humans for themselves.  And such 'worship' (invocation, expressions of gratitude, and supplications) to these gods and goddesses is said to be 'disgusting' to the Almighty God.  (double gulp).

So, if your superstitious about renaming your boat, the real question is: 'Whom to you NOT want to offend more'?  The answer should be obvious: "The Almighty God of the Bible, Jehovah, should not be offended".  So, if you still feel you need to go the 'extra mile', and have a simple renaming ceremony, why not follow the steps of (1) calling out to God (invocation) and (2) thank him for any blessing you can think of (expression of gratitude) and finally (3) ask him to keep you and yours safe while on the water (supplication) before plastering the new name on the transom. And since this is a prayer to The Almighty God, don't forget to say at the end "In Jesus' Name" so the invocation will make it to Him.  But be sure not to call out to any false or made up god! 

What about the Libation (having a drink or two).  God strictly forbids mixing alcohol with worship, so if you do drink in moderation, why not wait till after the ceremony before indulging.

Of course, for most folks a renaming ceremony is just plain silly.  Many an experienced sailor will tell you they have transversed thousands of deep sea miles with never a prayer to ANY god (real or imagined) and never had a problem.  But if your religious or superstitious (an old form of religious), than a simple ceremony may be in order for you.  But be careful not to offend the one that made the heavens, earth, and the sea.

So, in conclusion, is a boat renaming ceremony in order?  No.  It really is not needed.  Why follow a ritual that involves prayer (even to the Almighty God) that is possibly made-up by the false gods themselves?  But, it never hurts to pray - in fact the 'Good Book' recommends: "pray incessantly".  And certainly, it does not cause any trouble to rename your boat.  If you want to put the two together, that's up to you.  Yes, be very careful about boating and being in the water.  Rely on practical wisdom and clear thinking ability and not on superstitions to insure a safe experience with your new boat. 

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